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11.5 x 20 x 0,8 cm
4.5 x 7.8 x 0.33 inch
124 pages
Softcover with jacket
978 84 613 1658 8


12 €
15,95 $
USA, Canada
10,95 £
UK, Ireland
10 €
Spain, Portugal


The book gathers a selection of the illustrations that I have carried out for press, especially for the Nativa magazine. They are the result of an austere way of illustrating, fast and very conceptual. These illustrations require to be readed like a sentence of text. They are not decorative, they pursue a concept, an idea or an irony. Often they create a parallel discourse to the article or column they accompanied highlighting as well as opening the meaning.

“A treasure for my library” (
“Magnificent book. Acid and strong” (Álvaro Sobrino)
“Very lucid” (Oscar Guayabero)
“Modest, intentional, sometimes fun illustrations...” (Xènia Viladàs)


Where to find it?
Directly to the author. Please e-mail me your postal address to calculate transport fees.
ActarBirkhauser distributed it worldwide until december 2011. You'd find some on the design and illustration areas in the best bookstores and in many internet book sites worldwide like these:
Amazon USA
Amazon UK
Amazon FR
Amazon DE
Amazon JP
Amazon ES
Amazon IT
  Barnes & Noble
Fnac France
Fnac Spain
Fnac Belgique
La Central
Loring Art
Casa del Libro

In Barcelona, physically:
Retina y Retinette
Fund. Joan Miró
  Cometa, 6. 08002. Please check schedule ("horario")
Parc de Montjuïch. 08038. Map
or directly to the author also. Better e-mail before.

You'll find the entire text of the book in the Translations menu above.
You can also download these images in high resolution clicking on them.

  On the MoMA bookshop, New York.
ƒ Daniel Julià
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The color fascicle
It comes to appear The color illustrations (that wouldn't be part of Another Little Book Printed in Black and Red) a fascicle annex to the book gathering some of the illustrations made in color that jumped out when I decided to print the book just in black. It also compiles some new illustrations.
Ask for it.
My friends of Petit Indie music management stamped some illustrations from the book on t-shirts. Choose one and ask for it.
Click on the t-shirts to download high resolution images for press.

Ask for a public talk
It could be on public venues, cultural centres, universities or design schools, art schools, bookshops... It could be a simple book presentation or a more ellaborate one with a lecture on several aspects of graphic design and some subjects related with the book and, at the end, the book itself. It could be held in catalan, spanish, french or english. Please contact me.

Extra comments
Beside the captions of some illustrations, you will find in this website an extra comment –not published in the book– explaining the genesis of the related illustration. If you want to know more about another one, ask me.
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Why horizontal?
For nothing special. The book is vertical. It came to me the opportunity to publish an advertisement of the book in the Nativa magazine. As the format of the ad was horizontal, I turned the book to that same direction and it seemed OK to me. On the web pages, it also looks better if it appears horizontal. It's because all that and also to annoy a little.

Why black and red?
Yes, I know it. There is red color only on the jacket. Why is the book called like this? It's just an irony towards some books published by graphic designers. In these books we could find a nostalgical and orthodox aesthetics of the origin of the modern graphic design —at the thirties of the 20th century— where the new radical languages were expressed mainly with black and red inks. That's why it's also called 'Another' because it's like many others. But, also ironically, it could be said that the works of these recent years gathered in the book have been made hardly with ink and blood.

  Random t-shirt

Fexible Time t-shirt
  Less i More t-shirt

Flexible Time t-shirt
  criticism t-shirt

The quality of fabric and shape of the t-shirts is even better than shown here.
Public presentation in Barcelona
November 10th, 2011. 7.30pm
Ras Gallery & Bookstore. Barcelona
We had a relaxed chat, listened to Divinas a cappellalive songs, tasted some red wine, buffalo cheese and had a great time. Thank you all for coming.
  Ras Gallery & Bookshop, Barcelona
  Jaume Pujagut introduces the author
        Divinas performing live   Bigger on Facebook.
ƒ Salva Campo