Xavier Alamany | Graphic designer


As teacher


As lecturer

  Teaching at Eina School  

EHEA Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design
Autonomous University of Barcelona
Eina Design and Art Center


Graphic Identity Projects, Master's Final Projects
Masters in Graphic Design
Eina Design and Art Center
Autonomous University of Barcelona
Since 2010

Graphic Production
Degree in Graphic Design
Eina Design and Art Center

Autonomous University of Barcelona
1987 – 2009 and since 2017

Research Methodology, Design Management, Design Projects
Degree in Graphic Design
ESDAP, Llotja Campus, Design and Art School
Goverment of Catalonia
Since 2017

Applied Illustration Final Projects
Master's in Graphic Design and Applied Illustration

IDEP Image and Design School

Abat Oliba University

Since 2013


Available lectures
If you are interested in a specific lecture, talk, or just in the listed below, please contact me.
In catalan, spanish, english or french.

Urgent Incorrect Typography Class
I often think about how to briefly sum up typography concepts to non-­designers. This is a reflection on how designers speak about typography basics and features to smaller clients and friends. It does not provide a set of rules. Rather, it's a set of reflections to encourage further thought.

Observing Graphic Design. A post-lecture.
There is no real criticism on design. The ability of observing must keep us on the less bad side. A lecture in a brand new format for thoughts on design.


A nice and sincere talk about the failures in the implementation of design and management of graphic production. Tête-à-tête with Lluc Massaguer, Doctor in Education Research and Graphic Production Teacher at Eina Design and Art Center - UAB.

Nativa. The independent magazine for the independent music

The power of design to improve a low budget independent fanzine to a reference publication in local music culture.

Watch your step! Mediterranean native orchids

I don't live only for graphic design. There are wild orchids near our homes in Europe. Not only in exotic countries. A lecture to discover the mystery of this plant family. For both plant lovers and freakies of diverse knowledge areas.


Excerpt of first day class in Graphic Production
Eina Design and Art Center - UAB
  Sometimes is still easier and faster to explain things on the chalkboard
Idep Image and Design School - UAO


Website gathering the works of students for the project Interactive Visual Poem, a low-tech conceptual essay on interactivity.
Eina Design and Art Center - UAB, 2009 to 2011

  Exhibition of manual printing research works.
Eina Design and Art Center - UAB


Urgent Incorrect Typography Class during Typeweek at BAU Design Center - UV, Barcelona

  Failures talk at Creatus Dominus Festival, Sant Cugat. Photo Silvia Vallhonrat