Xavier Alamany | Graphic designer

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Member of the creator and management team of Festa del Grafisme [Graphics festival] at Portbou. 2008 – present.

Curator and designer of Red Card exhibition.

Member of the Jury Panel in the Laus Design & Communication Awards 2012.

Translator and promoter of the film Typeface.

Member of the ADGFAD Board. 1994 – 1996.


Papers of the Typoweek conference.
– [English]: "Urgent Incorrect Typography Class".
– [Spanish]: "Clase incorrecta de tipografía urgente".
– [Catalan]: "Classe incorrecta de tipografia urgent".
BAU ed. Barcelona, 2014. In print.

Grrr magazine
Special issue "Festa del Grafisme".
– "Imprimir, de ahora en adelante"
– "Así empezó todo"
– "Targeta roja" [Red Card]

Barcelona, 2008. ISSN 1696-4233.

Festa del Grafisme
Curator and copy of the 2008 edition website.



Another Little Book printed in Black and Red
Barcelona, 2009. ISBN 978-84-613-1658-8.
Book and website.