Orchids in Context is a beta-phase project inspired by the human eye natural perception in the search and identification of wild orchids. Micro-observation and the technologization of botany have been revolutionary in the development of scientific knowledge. However, the human factor and the ability to observe in space and in the real dimension still matter.

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Xavier Alamany
ƒ Mariana Castel

Xavier Alamany is a graphic designer based in Barcelona.
EHEA Master's Degree in Art and Design Research (UAB).

Professional and research activity
He currently works as a freelancer in institutional communication, corporate image, signage and publishing design.
Member of the creation and management team for the Festa del Grafisme alternative graphic design festival at Portbou (Girona).
He has collaborated with the Papermind collective.
He recently contributed data to the science sharing project ornitho.cat.

Eina-UAB (1986–presently).
Llotja-ESDAP Catalunya (2017-presently).
IDEP-CEU (2006 and 2013–presently).
Final Degree Projects, Final Master Projects, Research Methodology, Design Management, Graphic Identity, Graphic Production, Web Design.

Gràfica vernacular hortofrutícola. Exhibition on fruit and vegetables wood box graphics. Barcelona, 2019 and Portbou, 2015
Targeta roja. Exhibition on business cards. Portbou, 2008
Festa del Grafisme. Communication and website (2008-2010).

Another Little Book printed in Black and Red (Barcelona, 2009. ISBN 978-84-613-1658-8).

LAUS Award 2018
Anuaria Awards (2012, 2011, 1995, 1994 and 1993).